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The tea Plants(Camellia sinensis), in its natural state grows in to a small or medium sized tree, but in commercial plantation need to be trained to form a many branched low bush and is encouraged to produce vigorous vegetative growth by adopting an appropriates schedule of fertilizer applications. The major portion of the entire Bethel Plantations has been planted with tea with high yielding variety of clones..

The plants are initially raised in nurseries. Careful attention is paid to the seedling depending on the region and weather conditions Tea is grown from almost the sea level to about 2460 m. A well distributed rainfall is essential for its satisfactory cultivation, although it is grown in many marginal areas.

In tea manufacture, the leaf goes through some or all of the stages of withering, rolling, fermentation, and drying. The process has a twofold purpose: (1) to dry the leaf and (2) to allow the chemical constituents of the leaf to produce the quality.

A choice Orthodox The ancient method of manufacture or CTC the more modern- Cut Tear and Curl- the choice is yours. And we can offer the best. Carefully hand picked leaf from our manicured gardens manufactured in the most professional manner in hygienic condition is what we offer. CTC tea is producing from our Glenmary Tea Factory and Orthodox tea is producing from Ladrum Factory.

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