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The company is holding Six Estates namely Kolikanam, Tangumalai, Mount, Glenmary, Ladrum and Koduvakarm


Total Area - 471.84 Ha
Tea in Bearing - 252.03 Ha
Coffee - 21.43 Ha
Cardamom - 14.17 Ha
Others - 184.21 Ha


Koliekanam estate is located in Elapara village of Peermade Taluk. The name suggest ‘Valley of fowls’ which is true. The estate abounds with jungle fowls.
A multi crop estate with Tea, Coffee, Cardamom, Pepper and Oil Palm has the distinction of being the only property in Peeramade which is planted with Oil Palm. The primary crop here is an excellent sheet of tea where the earlier material is in a phased manner being replaced with high yielding clones which produce quality tea, In order to guard against vagaries of the market the area under coffee is gradually being increased. Pepper and Cardamom produced here fetch some of the highest prices in the market.
Easy accessibility, connectivity to different parts of the state by public transport is some of the hall marks of the estate. Being in the peninsular part of the country and on a high ridge of the Western Ghats Kolikannam has a unique view of convergence of the Western Ghats with the Eastern Ghats.


Total area - 427.18 Ha
Tea in Bearing - 227.21 Ha
Coffee - 24.55 Ha
Cardamom - 39.47 Ha
Others - 134.51 Ha

An abundance excellent Cardamom which is being irrigated by gravity. Tea is the primary crop followed by Cardamom and Pepper.
Tungamullay has one of the premium factories which presently is being upgraded and modernised. A Green Ta factory is in the process of being erected along with aromatic tea processing unit as part of our continuous endeavour to value add to our product.
This estate is at the fringe of the Western Ghats and a journey of about thirty minutes would bring you to the plains and therefore enjoys the advantage in weather of both the High range and that of the plains.


Total Area - 666.47 Ha
Tea in Bearing - 364.29 Ha
Replanting Tea - 5.90 Ha
Cardamom - 64.69 Ha
Others - 231.59 Ha


A major producer of Tea and Cardamom with large areas planted with the latest tea clones. It also has a large extent bordering the main Pambanar Elapara road adding immense value to the property. In reality the Jewel in the Crown of Bethel Plantations. The CTC teas manufactured by this factory commands premium prices and is greatly sought after by the buyers. Large scale pepper planting is in progress and replanting is underway in the cardamom.


Total area of - 174.87 Ha
Tea in Bearing - 122.25 Ha
Coffee - 23.92 Ha
Cardamom - 15.00 Ha
Others - 35.77 Ha


Located in one of the highest mountain ranges in the district it has a commanding view of the surrounding areas. More over being on the approaches to Sabarimalla one of the holiest of holly places in South India during the peak pilgrimage period witnesses’ almost bumper to bumper traffic there by opening an immense tourism value. Tea is progressively being converted to Coffee and large scale pepper planting is in progress over the entire area. Recently a very large pond has been constructed and a fisheries project established. Construction of a Green Tea factory is under active consideration.


Total Area - 405.06 Ha
Tea in Bearing - 243.59 Ha
Cardamom - 31.45 Ha
Coffee - 1.62 Ha
Pepper - 0.60 Ha
Others - 127.80 Ha

Planted with Tea, Coffee and Cardamom which also has an Orthodox manufacturing facility. Once again large volumes from here have been exported. This estate contains a fairly large extent of Arabica Coffee of the S795 variety. A Kerala Electricity Board Mini Hydel project is located in this estate which could feed the factory and surroundings. There are reasons to believe that with such a captive source power with in the estate requirement would be one of the last cause for concern.


Total Area - 95.18 Ha
Tea in Bearing - 64.41 Ha
Cardamom - 30.77 Ha


The smallest in the Bethel family with a prime stand of 64ha of Tea and 30ha of Cardamom. It has an state of art cardamom curing shed with a capacity of almost 5000kgs per day. With a segmented construction the curing capacity can be adjusted depending on the inflow of crop into the curing house. Green leaf from here is diverted to the Glenmary Factory and manufactured there. A large extent of Tea has been replanted with latest clones which are planted in the double hedge method.

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